Saturday, December 9, 2017

What Is RMR 86 Botanical & Is It Worth It?

We all are so far familiar and well-affiliated with the super product called RMR 86. There has been undeniably much hype about this mold stain remover – how it is capable of doing wonderful cleaning magic and promises ease of usage too. With so many promising features, results, and reviews, it is only obvious that RMR 86 is a much favored product by the users. But there is one more product that
accompanies the RMR 86 original mold stain remover and it is the RMR 86 botanical cleaner formula. For best results, experts recommend you to use the RMR 86 original stain remover to remove the mold stains from any surface followed by the RMR 86 botanical to repair the damaged surface and restore it to its original condition.

About The RMR 86 Botanical
RMR 86 botanical formula is a deep cleaner and repair product. This multidimensional spray penetrates deep inside porous substances and areas and treats the surface from the core. It is 100% naturally composed so there are no added chemicals in its formula. The natural plant based formula also helps to fight bacteria and kills germs.

Why Should RMR 86 Spray and Botanical Formula Be Used in Combination?
RMR 86 botanical is the sister product of the original RMR 86 spray. Both products are advised to be used in combination with one another for best results.
The RMR botanical is basically more of a restoration spray than cleaner. This is why it is advised to use it on a surface that has first been cleaned with the RMR spray. It not only works on the surface to repair any damage to it (by deep penetration into the porous surface holes) but is also helpful to prevent any bad odor from spreading around. It is basically the mess cleaner post the actual cleaning process and is also the handy repair tool at home.

Highlight Features of RMR 86 Botanical Spray
So you must be hearing a lot about the Botanical formula in addition to the regular spray. As it is said, for best results you should be using it in combination with one another. That is only how you can achieve the superlative results you are looking for. But have you ever wondered how and why is the botanical formula so promising and efficient? Read ahead to explore the features of the RMR botanical 86 formula cleaner and get a deeper insight into the product.
Molds often lead to long lasting damage and even if you are able to clean them, they do cause damage to the surface. This botanical formula spray prevents it from causing any damage and instead repairs the surface by penetrating in the holes.
It is very swift and fast in its action. Just like the cleaner spray, it works like magic too and does not take any longer than 15 seconds to get done with its job.

It is 100% natural in its composition so you do not have to fear for it being harmful. In fact, it kills bacteria and germs from the surface instead.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Why You Should Use RMR 86 Mold For Cleaning Mold

Are you tired of wasting hours in removing the mold in your house floors, windows, doors or any other place? Well no more of your hard labor is required because now the RMR 86 cleans mold fervently. You need not waste your precious time because it works fast and takes only 15 to 20 seconds (sometimes a few minutes).

The RMR 86 is a powerful agent containing large amounts of bleach and various other substances which are efficient in cleaning mold, neutralizing odor, etc. It can be used to clean huge quantity of mold without ruining your floor or wall. It is used in boats as well.

Benefits of Mold RMR 86
·         It is biodegradable.
·         It is non-toxic.
·         It is used on all surfaces like concrete, wood, etc.
·         It does not require any mixing and can be used by simply spraying at that moment.
·         After 2 or 3 rounds, mold have a chance of disappearing for good.
·         It is made up of plant ingredients, hence the chances of bacteria attacking again is minimum to zero.
·         It neutralizes the odor.
·         You don’t have to rinse or wipe. You simply have to spray the content on the affected area.
·         It does not leave any harmful residue.
·         It works on tiles, grout and fiber wall as well.

Working of RMR 86
If the floors or wall or any place of yours is affected by mold, then instead of trying other techniques like sanding or wiping etc., simply spray the RMR 86 mold on it. Leave it for 15 seconds and watch it unravel its magic. The odor it creates will be neutralized immediately and if it is a worse case of mold then apply it two to three times. You’ll see that you get great results either way.
The bleach used in RMR 86 mold is extremely powerful along with other chemicals it is induced in so the agent overall is dangerous too. It is best to store it in cool places away from sunlight.

Necessary Precautions
Since RMR 86 mold can be dangerous, wear gloves and a mask if available while using. It can create a very bad case of sting or infection if gets in contact with your skin. So try to use it very carefully. Also, do not distribute the liquid in different bottles as there is a maximum chance of it ruining the bottle completely.

Treatment and Cleaning Power
The cleaning power of this remover is intense. It can clean immediately and effectively without causing any hassle. Gone are the days where you would wipe and sand and work hard for hours to remove mold. With this agent, all you have to do is spray the content on the area and let it work on its own. It takes 15 seconds to remove mold depending upon the condition. It could take longer too but the chances of mole returning becomes extremely low.

Final Verdict

By now, you are mostly aware of its benefits and powers. You can try out the RMR 86 once and if it still doesn’t suit your needs then let it be, but we doubt that can happen. So, try it out and let us know your results.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Pros of Mold Remediation In Dallas TX

Mold is a word that is capable of instilling fear in everyone who hears it especially all those who have been the victims. This is due to the highly dangerous and contagious nature of the mold. Mold can be toxic and harmful not only for your property and belongings but also for your personal health. Entering any property that has been infected by mold, is a health risk. This is the reason that mold remediation in Dallas Texas is taken very seriously.

Due to the deadly nature of the mold it causes serious issues for people around Dallas. Together with being causing structural problems in your property, it also becomes the cause of various diseases if you are accidently exposed to it. The exposure to mold leads to the problems of immune system, skin diseases as well as respiratory diseases that might prove fatal. So, it is of utmost important to get professional help as soon as you realize, or suspect that a mold is infecting your property. Trying the DIY method for mold removal can prove very risky unless that you are a professional mold removal expert. in DIY there is a risk of the infection not getting completely eradicated as well as health risks due to exposure and absence of proper tools and apparatus.
Mold Remediation in Dallas Texas
Therefore, it is important to consider the pros or advantages of mold remediation. Getting professional health is the right course of action because:

Prevents Health Issues
If the mold is toxic and harmful than the use of professionals limits or completely prevents your exposure to the mold. Protecting you from asthma, skin rash, respiratory infections and other diseases caused by the mold.
The professional mold removal experts have the right gear and expertise to perform their work without letting the toxic effects to be an issue for their health.

Ensures Complete Eradication
DIY method for mold removal is never 100 % effective and there are always chances of some spores surviving or some places being left unchecked or untreated. But with the help of professional experts you can be rest assured that they will be very thorough and will eradicate the infection completely.
Furthermore, they have the expertise to be efficient and precise in their work. Also they make sure not to cause unnecessary losses to your property or belongings. If you try removing the mold yourself, you might agitate the spores which than spread throughout your house causing respiratory and sinus infections. Also some molds prove to be very difficult to remove so you might end up doing unnecessary damage to your property.

Addresses The Root Cause
Removal of mold from a property is useless if you do not find out the main point of its origination and growth. Once removed, it can start again. Therefore, it is important to deal with the root of the problem. This is the major benefit of using professional mold remediation in Dallas Texas.

Being an intelligent individual you should take benefit from these advantages and leave the mold remediation to professional experts.